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Julia Parisi Art is a sister-owned and operated small business creating art and accessories for every personality. Artist Julia has always drawn and painted from a young age, although as she got older, time didn't always allow the chance to paint or create. In recent years, Julia needed something new to focus on after completing 10 years of competitive netball so she decided to pick up a paintbrush again as art therapy.

After sharing some art pieces on socials, I had some beautiful responses which inspired the start of Julia Parisi Art as a business venture. Simultaneously juggling being a full-time teachers aid and a flourishing business has been a challenge with long nights and a perfectionist lense to compete with. Being able to step back from a piece and say "this is finished" has been another challenge although as Julia has continued painting, this has been a place for creative growth. With the release of the latest collection of artworks, the team behind Julia Parisi Art have been given the chance to feel more empowered and grow mentally whilst connecting with like-minded creatives and supportive customers.